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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

β€” Oscar Wilde.

The human side of my little family consists of my husband, June (daughter,) munchie (son), tank (son), grassahoppa(son), and me aka mommy or aggie.

Welcome to my wonderful yet hectic life!😊🌞

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1st day of school!

Today was my babies 1st day of school! All four of them are in school nowπŸ™ I am a lonely mamma now. But this is good for all of them. I now have an 8th,6th,1st,and kindergartner 😱.

They came home from school and said that they all had a great day! I am super glad that their 1 day went amazing! I know there will be struggles through out the year,but I am glad they had a good day! Let’s keep it up babies!

Love mamma


Living with depression and anxiety. #depression

Living with depression. Living with M.D.D is not easy although nothing in life is really easy. This is one of the hardest things I go through. Right now I can barley walk, because of my back I have protruding disks in the back messing with the main nerve which is affecting my right leg. I have had injections, epidurals, and I’m now seeing a chiropractor to try to help the leg and back. Nothing seems to be helping. I was informed if my leg is like this to much longer that the out come will be bad. So here is were the depression comes in, I’m depressed because I can barley walk. I’m depressed because i cant play with my kids. Being depressed is making the leg worse, so in a sense it’s running a full circle. My depression is crippling me. My leg is not the only reason I am depressed though. Right now there are many stresses that I can not fix. Power bill, only one vehicle, and more. Over time stress for me ends up in depression which I then fight daily it is never ending. I tend to put on a happy mask so that people will not know how bad I am. There is one person that sees right through it and has always been able to, my husband. Having major depression and anxiety feels like that is what defines me. That is what my life is. It sucks but there is nothing I ca n do about except to fight daily to suppress it, because if I dont it physically affect me. πŸ™



So as the title says we lost our small fry on August 8th 2019. She went in under 45 minutes in my lap. June and I tried everything we could save herπŸ™. She was fine that morning and afternoon. When I asked the kids to kennel the pups for the night she was brought to me extremely week. June and I ended up out burying her at 1130 that night we did not get done till almost 1am.

She will be missed my bottle fed baby I was there when you came into this world and I was there when you left. I’m sorry you life was cut short by an idiot deciding to poison you.



Camping trip 6/29-7/1/19

This camping trip was amazing! There were so many fun times. Even though i was in a severe amount of pain it was still fun. Wonderful memories were made. The first night we pitched tents and went to bed. The following morning we got up made pancakes for breakfast, went and fished and played at the lake. For a few hours though nothing was caught. After that we went back to camp. The guys went fishing while speedy’s mom and i stayed back with the kiddos to make dinner 😊. Everything was going great till we tried to make cornbread in the Dutch oven to go with the spaghetti and meat. Well round one went to the dutch oven, when we finally checked it it was was burnt all but the inside. We figured out that burns pretty well πŸ˜‚. The mistake that we made was leaving it in the fire the whole time we cooked the meat😱. So we tried a round two after all the meat was cooked and we won πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚. By the time tge boys came back to camp we had dinner ready. Oh i forgot to mention that munchie helped by seasoning the meat!. After dinner we did smores with the kiddos, but we used icecream cones, chocolate chips, and mini marshmellows.

There were a ton of laughs and i could not ask for better family to go camping with! πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œ